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Red rust fixative "RUST HARD 55"

Stopping the progress of red rust

RUST HARD 55 is a pretreatment agent that is applied directly to red rust to fix and stop the progress of the rust. The red rusty surface turns black in a few minutes, forming a chemically stable and strong coating. The chelated component of RUST HARD 55 reacts with the red rust component, forming a very stable chelated iron, which stabilizes rust. The tough polymer layer blocks oxygen and moisture in the air, which are the factors that cause rust, and improves corrosion resistance.

Product number Appearance Viscosity
Applications etc
RUST HARD 55 Cream liquid 5~20 Fixing red rust
Packing 1kg、15kg
Handling Instructions

Before using the product, please check in advance whether it meets the purpose and conditions of use.