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Epoxy resin lining agent "ER5000"

Adheres even to wet surfaces

ER5000 is a special thick-coatable epoxy resin which has excellent chemical resistance and is a repair lining material that adheres even to wet surfaces. By adding ebonite powder at the time of use, it is possible to make lining materials from high viscosity to putty.

Product number Appearance Viscosity
Pot life
Setting time
Standard mixing ratio Applications etc
Main agent Hardener Main agent Hardener
ER5000 Light yellow liquid Tan transparent liquid 700~1,100 2,000~4,000 60 24 3:2 Lining material
Ebonite powder Black brown powder     1 : 1 (Recommendation)

50-60 Shore D (Base agent: Hardener = 3:2)
65-85 Shore D (Base agent + Hardener: Ebonite powder = 1:1)

Packing Main agent 3kg and hardener 2kg
Main agent 3kg, hardener 2kg and ebonite powder 5kg
Handling Instructions

Before using the product, please check in advance whether it meets the purpose and conditions of use.